Dan and Cindi Alire had a desire to own their restaurant after working for a number of years for other restaurants.  They felt they would have the flexibility to do the type of menus and beverage services lacking in the existing restaurants in the community.  SCORE recommended that a marketing plan be written to test the current market and analyze the competition.  They found the target customer was looking for delightful dining experience combining both a Latin flair and relaxation in one destination.  They opened for business in November of 2011 offering breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  The customer reviews are very good and the business volume should increase.

My Successes: 

They have been featured in the local newspaper  Democrat-Herald with a news article on new businesses in the Old Historic Downtown of Albany.

How SCORE Helped: 

SCORE provided guidance in the marketing strategy and financial projections to ensure a profitable business.  SCORE resources also provided guidance on commercial lease agreement and what flexibility would be possible for lease-holder improvements.   A business plan was also reviewed.

What's Great About My Mentor?: 

SCORE counselor listened well to their dreams and urged caution to do the homework before investing into the business.  The homework was sequenced to make it reasonable and thorough.