My Successes: 

We have had many failures and many successes along the way.  It has been the tenacity of our staff, the generosity and flexibility of our investors and a lot of blood, sweat and tears.  Today we are a multi-million dollar company growing at a rate of 40% year over year working within a $20 billion market nationally.   

How SCORE Helped: 

I discovered SCORE via the internet when looking for options for finding someone who could review my business plan.I signed up and was assigned a SCORE counselor, with whom I met and he agreed to read and critique my business plan.I had a follow up meeting within a few days of the initial meeting and my counselor indicated that he was very impressed with my plan, but that it was too long.  He and I then began a working relationship that lasted several weeks working through re-writes and finding actual answers to any assumptions I had made until we had a plan that both myself and my SCORE counselor felt could be funded by a bank.

Unfortunately, we very quickly discovered that for an enterprise of the type that I had imagined (scalable, new market, etc) there was absolutely no chance that a bank would fund my start-up so, I went back to the drawing board with my SCORE counselor.  We decided together that we would re-write the plan yet again to meet the requirements for private investment and find angel or private investors.  I was successful in finding private investors.

What's Great About My Mentor?: 

After initially striking out with the Portland investor pool my SCORE counselor decided that he “just couldn’t see this great plan die on the vine,” and became instrumental in helping me to find funding.  I am very excited about the future and very grateful to have had the support and encouragement from my SCORE counselor early on.